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Factors to consider when choosing a wedding date

Thursday 11, May 2017

Factors to consider when choosing a wedding date

Factors to consider when choosing a wedding date

When planning your wedding day there are always so many factors that you need to consider. It can often feel like the wedding day itself is going to be stressful given that the run up often is. However, with forward planning you can do lots of things to ensure that your wedding day runs without a hiccup. One thing you should be considering when planning your wedding is the importance of the date. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a wedding date so get comfortable, follow this guide and choose the perfect date for the best day of your life!

Ask guests involved in the wedding party if they have commitments

If you have guests involved in your wedding party it is essential that they can commit to the entire day, and any events before your wedding date. Ensure that you check your preferred date with these guests before finalising your booking and paying any deposits.

While it isn’t always possible to accommodate all of your guests you can make sure that the most important people can make your date before booking it. This way you won’t have to worry about bridesmaids not turning up or groomsmen being unable to make it. Also, your guests will feel involved in your wedding day from the outset and will invest more of their time and effort into helping.

Look at public holidays and special occasions

Try to avoid your wedding date clashing with any major sporting events such as the World Cup final or Wimbledon. You don’t want your guests to be distracted trying to find out the scores of the match or watching television in the bar at your venue.

Take into consideration any special dates within your family. For example don’t book your wedding on somebody else’s wedding anniversary. They might not want to share. Try to avoid booking your wedding date for a friend’s BIG Birthday, again, for the same reason!

If your budget is tight, or you just refuse to overpay for your special day then look at weekdays. With advance notice your guests will be able to use a day’s holiday to be there at your wedding. Also, you can save a significant amount of money by getting married on a weekday instead of a weekend. Weekends, particularly in Spring and Summer, are the peak time for weddings and you’ll usually pay a premium for the exact same service.

Ultimately your wedding date is your own decision and these are just a few factors to consider when choosing a wedding date. You can choose to involve others in your decision to guarantee that the most important people can make it. Alternatively you can choose the date that is perfect for you and your partner and hope that people will adjust their schedules to suit.

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