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Why get married on a Monday?

Wednesday 17, January 2018

Why get married on a Monday?

Why get married on a Monday?

If you thought weddings were just for weekends, think again. Here’s why the start of a new week should also be the start of your new life as a married couple.

Start the week in style

As The Carpenters knew, few of us like Mondays. For most of us, Monday marks the end of the weekend, and it’s only the start of a long countdown to the next one. So why not make one Monday a magical one for you and your guests by tying the knot at the start of the week? It’s sure to set an upbeat tone for the rest of the week. What’s more, it’s a great excuse for you and all your guests to enjoy a long weekend to remember.

Get your first choice of wedding date – even in summer

Because relatively few people get married midweek, you’re far more likely to get your first choice of wedding date than if you’re trying to secure a busy Saturday or Sunday. Even in the summer – high season for weddings – you’ll find Mondays much more available than weekends.

This is great news if there’s a reason why you have a particular date in mind. Some couples choose to tie the knot on a date that means something to them – the anniversary of their first date or engagement, for example. If that special date happens to fall on a Monday, there’s no reason why you should move your wedding to the nearest Saturday.

Get married for less

There’s no getting away from the fact that weddings are expensive. Fortunately, if you’re on a tight budget, getting married on a Monday costs considerably less than busier weekend slots. This is perhaps the most compelling reason to choose a Monday wedding, because the savings you make could mean the difference between having to make compromises or being able to afford the wedding of your dreams.

Find out more about Monday weddings at Southdowns Manor here, and feel free to call us on 01730 763800 to discuss your wedding plans or arrange a visit.

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