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4 alternatives to dancing at your wedding

Wednesday 3, October 2018

4 alternatives to dancing at your wedding

4 alternatives to dancing at your wedding

Dancing isn’t for everyone, and putting on some evening entertainment at your wedding doesn’t have to mean a cheesy disco. If you, your family and/or most of your guests aren’t going to want to dance, there seems little point in trying to force it. Instead, think outside the box and plan something fun as an alternative way to encourage your guests to unwind and socialise. Here are some ideas for helping the evening flow and getting people together without a dancefloor.

1. Board games

Board games are a great way to get guests interacting with each other without the need for awkward small talk. Choose a selection of your favourite games and transform your wedding breakfast tables into gaming boards after you’ve finished eating.

2. Pub games

For a slightly less sedentary style of evening reception, traditional pub games are a fun way to get guests mingling. Think old favourites such as skittles and darts, with prizes for the overall winners. This is a particularly great choice if your local pub has played a big part in your relationship.

3. Karaoke

If you don’t fancy an all-dancing wedding reception, how about an all-singing one? You can’t beat a bit of karaoke for some general hilarity, and you could even go a step further and turn it into an X Factor-style talent show if you think it’s an idea that would go down well with your guests.

4. Put on a show

You can still have musical entertainment even if it isn’t the sort of thing people have to dance to. How about setting the mood with a sophisticated jazz ensemble or pianist, for example? Alternatively, something like a magic show could be a great way to get people talking, and a firework show always goes down well at the end of the evening.

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