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5 reasons to get married in the autumn

Tuesday 9, October 2018

5 reasons to get married in the autumn

5 reasons to get married in the autumn

Autumn may be cooler and darker than the traditional summer wedding season, but there are loads of reasons why it’s still a wonderful time of year to get married. Here are just a few…

1. Autumn colour

Nature is at its most spectacular in the autumn, with misty mornings and the vivid reds and oranges of the trees making a glorious backdrop for your wedding photos. The russet hues of autumn also give you plenty of colour scheme inspiration, while dried leaves, conkers and munchkin pumpkins make striking free or low-cost table decorations.

2. Seasonal events

Autumn is the time for seasonal events like Halloween and Bonfire Night, so why not incorporate elements of these into your big day? A firework display is the perfect way to light up a dark autumn evening, while traditional Halloween activities such as apple bobbing or pumpkin carving make fun entertainment for your reception.

3. Budget and availability

Summer is peak wedding season, a time when venues and suppliers experience their greatest demand – and are therefore at their most expensive. By the time autumn comes along, demand dies down, and that means you’ll find prices more affordable. Not only that, but with fewer couples choosing autumn to get married, you’re more likely to secure your first choice of date.

4. A trip down memory lane

Did you and your other half meet in the autumn? Or perhaps it’s meaningful to you both for another reason. If it’s a season with positive associations for you, getting married in autumn will make this time of year even more special for the years to come.

5. It’s cosy indoors

After the warm afternoons of early autumn make way for the first frosts, it’s a time of year for making indoors as snug as possible. Open log fires and mulled wine are just a couple of the cosy additions you can make to an autumn indoor wedding, making your big day a memorable occasion no matter how cold it is outside.

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