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Tuesday 10 March 2020

Creative seating plan ideas

There are lots of opportunities for putting your own stamp on your big day, and one of them is your seating plan. Far from being just something that tells your guests which table they’re sitting at, your seating plan provides lots of scope for creativity, and that’s why many of the more imaginative ones end up on Instagram. Here are some of our favourites for inspiration…

1. Calling cards

You can’t go wrong with beautiful calligraphy on your wedding stationery, and this gorgeous plan stands out from the crowd by writing each guest’s name on a calling card with their table number beneath it. While you’re probably used to seeing table plans organised by table, we love the fact that this one is organised alphabetically by the guest’s surname and attached to a mirror using an elegant wax seal. Here’s another example using the same mirror and wax seal idea.

2. Bottles

If you’re something of a wine connoisseur, this elaborate wine bottle table plan could be the one for you. Each bottle represents a table, with the names of the guests listed on the label (you could also write directly on the bottles, as in this example). For the finishing touch, there’s plenty of natural decoration in the form of sprigs of greenery in each bottle and on the board they’re mounted on. Here’s another example that makes creative use of bottles; in this case each one is filled with flowers.

3. Books

If you’re going for a literary wedding theme, look no further than this beautiful book-themed table plan, which uses open books for each table. You could make yours personal to you by choosing your favourite books in your display.

4. Pegs and string

Pegs and string can be used to great effect, as you can see in this example. Perfect for a vintage or shabby chic wedding, this beautiful table plan is made by pegging a card for each table onto pieces of string hung across an empty vintage frame, and so is this one. It’s a simple idea, but an eye-catching alternative to a traditional framed table plan. Alternatively, you could use photographs of each person, like this one and this one strung around a tree – which has the added benefit of showing your guests who’s who. You don’t even need to use pegs, as in this pretty seating plan, which simply has the table cards held by string and weighted down with crystals and sprigs of greenery.

5. Showstopper

Finally, maps make a great basis for a seating plan, particularly if you and your soon-to-be spouse are keen on travel and want to name your tables after places you’ve been. But the prize for the biggest showstopper of a seating plan is surely this Game of Thrones table plan, in which each table is represented on the sails of a boat sitting on a map of Westeros. You don’t need to come up with something as creative as this, but you can guarantee it will be all over social media if you do!


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