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Our Vow to Protect the Future: Planting Trees With the National Trust

From the moment you say ‘I do’, your journey into married life and everything it brings begins. But sharing those vows at Southdowns Manor means you can contribute to a better future for our planet and the future generations to come. 

For every wedding we host, we’ll plant a tree. The National Trust scheme remains close to our hearts, and we believe that it’s our moral duty to do everything we can to ensure this beautiful planet can thrive. 

As an eco-friendly wedding venue that practices sustainability whenever possible, we know that small steps to green living can be the difference between balancing an already fragile ecosystem or suffering the effects of deforestation for many years to come.

Southdowns Manor Sustainability

The National Trust Aims to Plant 20 Million Trees by 2030

The Coronavirus pandemic caused many disruptions in our lives, and now we’re moving away from the pandemic; it’s time to look towards the future. But the pandemic also showed us how easy it is to heal the planet.

Travel restrictions led to carbon emissions drastically decreasing, and wild animals were free to diversify their habitats. A report by the BBC shows that while these changes are positive, returning to everyday life means there could be a surge in carbon emissions.

Planting more trees is essential if, as a society, we continue to move towards a greener planet. At Southdowns Manor, we can’t change the world, but we guarantee that we’ll do our part and work with The National Trust to plant seeds today for a sustainable tomorrow.

How Trees Help the Environment

Trees are vital to the environment, and they form a rich part of history. Some are almost 5000 years old, which is why we should go out of our way to protect them. 

But trees are so much more than a symbol of life; they also play a central role in balancing the environment.

They Slow Global Warming 

Trees are beneficial to the environment because they absorb carbon dioxide while growing, which reduces global warming. The leaves can reflect heat, which means that cities will benefit from lower temperatures. 

They Encourage Community Growth

There’s a reason people seek out leafy suburbs when looking for an area to live. Nature offers a tranquil escape from the stresses of daily life, and many Londoners choose to live in suburban locations because they prefer green living. 

They Help Wildlife Thrive 

Trees offer animals shelter, food and protection from predators, which is why sites such as Richmond Park become dedicated nature reserves. Birds and insects often use trees as living space, while bats and owls can find shelter with hollow tree trunks. 

They Promote Better Health

Did you know that each tree can remove up to 1.7kg of pollutants and dust from the air each year? Benefitting from a greener environment can also help individuals with mental health problems and reduce stress levels.


Each Tree We Plant Will Benefit South Downs National Park

We’re lucky to be in such a fantastic location, and getting married at South Downs Manor means you can benefit from the lush green countryside that surrounds our wedding venue.

Located in East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, the rolling hills span 1,600km2 and house a diverse selection of wildlife.

As one of the premier wedding venues in the area, we’ve been lucky enough to work with the national park to support a range of projects.

Southdowns Manor


-Improving Cycle Paths and Walking Routes

Everyone who visits our venue can benefit from the stunning countryside. The national park has initiatives to provide visitors with cycle paths and walking routes to avoid missing out on the scenery and wildlife. More accessible routes are becoming available, which means people with mobility issues can take in the majestic views.

Our friendly team is always happy to suggest the best walking or cycling routes to guests, and staying with us means you get so much more than a wedding venue.

From an early morning stroll before breakfast to a stunning outdoor location to say your vows, there’s something for everyone here.


The ReNature initiative aims to create another 13,000 hectares of nature managed land by 2030. The scheme will provide vital habitats for our extensive range of wildlife as species continue to thrive and expand.

A crucial part of achieving this goal is to plant more trees to ensure that we can protect our wildlife and preserve vital space for animals to build habitats that are central to their survival.

Southdowns Manor


-Protecting Our Existing Wildlife

The South Downs National Park houses some of the rarest species you’ll ever see, such as the greater mouse-eared bat, which is only present in Bognor Regis and the national park. In the park, other rare species you can see include sundew plants, chalk carpet moths, and barbastelle bats.

Conservation efforts to diversify the park’s wildlife continue to work, and we’ve recently seen an increase in the adonis blue butterfly population.

-Planting Trees For a Healthier Environment

When it comes to national parks, South Downs has the highest amount of woodland, but that doesn’t mean our natural environment isn’t under threat. In recent years, Dutch elm disease and ash dieback have attacked trees across the country but planting more means we can protect our ecosystem.

Saying ‘I Do’ at Our Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

Everything we do at South Downs Manor gives our guests a day to remember while taking advantage of the stunning countryside surrounding our venue. 

Along with giving you a day to remember, protecting the environment is top of our priority list, so if you’d like to combine the wedding of your dreams with contributing to green living, we’d love to help you plan and host the most important day of your life.

We Use Eco-Friendly Materials 

All of our wedding folders are made from eco-friendly paper, enabling us to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills in the UK. Many people don’t know that paper is recyclable up to five times, and if more companies used eco materials, we could drastically reduce carbon emissions. 

Most importantly, recycling doesn’t mean poor quality. Our paper is high-quality, durable and it saves trees. 

We Work With Local Businesses

We’ll always do our best to keep everything local and reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to our supply chain. Our location means we’re lucky enough to work with some great local businesses that supply us with high-quality produce. 

From local butchers that practice ethical farming to fresh-tasting seasonal vegetables, we bring the best of the south east. 

You can also take advantage of our partnerships with local florists and choose from a broad selection of arrangements and designs.

Southdowns Manor Sustainability

As You Take Steps Down the Aisle, We’re Taking Steps Towards a Greener Future

If you’d like to learn about the plant a tree initiative and how your wedding will make a difference to the environment, please feel free to contact our team. We’d love to discuss how our eco-friendly wedding venue can give you the day you’ve been dreaming of.

Walking down the aisle is the beginning of an incredible journey between two people. But walking down the aisle at South Downs Manor means you can contribute towards creating a better future for your children and their children.

We look forward to working with The National Trust and paving the way towards a greener tomorrow.


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