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Whether you’re newly engaged or have been thinking about booking a wedding venue for some time now, you’ve no doubt done some research and discovered the term ‘exclusive use wedding venue’.  The difference between non-exclusive and exclusive use venues may seem trivial during the wedding ceremony planning stages but, on your big day, it could add that extra something that every couple deserves.

Exclusive Use Wedding Venue - Surrey

So, what exactly does ‘Exclusive Use’ mean?

Exclusive use guarantees you your privacy for the duration of your wedding day.

With us, you will receive sole exclusivity of a stunning wedding venue, the grounds, the staff and anything else you require. It means you can be sure that you’re not going to bump into anyone on the day that isn’t a guest, or a member of staff, at your wedding.

Some exclusive wedding venues will differ in terms of what they will provide within their exclusivity package. Hiring a blank canvas wedding venue could mean that you need to bring in every wedding supplier yourself; from the tables, chairs, linen, catering team and more. But with Southdowns Manor, you don't have to worry about anything as we cover all your needs.

Make your dream wedding come true

When you book your wedding with us, your guests will have full use of the whole property for the duration of the wedding. Feel like royalty for the day with a complete exclusivity where the only guests are the ones you have specially invited.

All of our booked wedding couples enjoy exclusive use of the Southdowns Manor venue and its grounds for the day of their wedding, or for two whole days if a 2-day event has been booked.

Exclusive use means just that, it is your home for the day. No other event or other activity takes place during your wedding in the manor or the grounds.

Exclusive Use Wedding Venue - Surrey

What we offer

Perfect wedding venue with beautiful gardens and outstanding natural beauty
Live music/ DJ
Dance floor
Food and drink catering
Equipment for speeches
Quality time with friends and family
Outdoor games
Luxury guest rooms and honeymoon suite
Some quiet time for yourself to listen to the birds
Award-winning chefs
Expert wedding event manager and front of house staff

Aside from your wedding guests and our professional team, who are there to look after you, there will be nobody else in your venue on your day. It will be your choice, your way, your time, simply your venue. That’s what we mean by exclusive use.

The benefits of having an exclusive wedding venue


A wedding celebration is a personal occasion for your family and friends, so it’s natural to want complete privacy to enjoy the day with only ‘your people’. There won’t be any strangers roaming around the venue staring while you’re all in your finery and you won’t find any strangers in the background when you’re flicking through your wedding photo album. You will be able to choose exactly who you’ll be spending your day in the company of, giving your wedding venue the ultimate sense of intimacy.


Exclusive use venues tend to be a lot more secure and, with just your party on-site, it’s a lot safer and you won’t have the fear of strangers gate-crashing your wedding reception.

Best service

Exclusive wedding venues tend to lend themselves to better service because all of the staff at the wedding venue are there to serve your party alone. That means you won’t have to queue up with strangers at the bar and you and your party will receive the undivided attention of the venue’s staff. It’s likely that the experienced staff will have seen every possible wedding-related mishap there is to see and they’ll know exactly how to rectify it; so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the happiest day of your life is being handled by the experts.


From getting ready in the morning to saying “I do” and having the last dance of the night, choosing exclusive venue hire means you don’t have to travel anywhere during your big day. Not needing to worry about travel makes everyone more relaxed. It also means there’s no need for taxis or designated drivers. You can keep the party going as long as you like, stay over and have breakfast together in the morning.


When opting for an exclusive use venue, you can rest assured that you and your partner will be the centre of attention all day, without having to compete with other couples.

No hidden extras

Exclusive use venues and all of their bonuses usually come as a package, so there are no hidden wedding ceremony costs involved.


Some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the country can be exclusively yours, but it’s not just the grand country house you’ll have, but the grounds and the stunning formal gardens too. Can you imagine celebrating in acres of rolling parkland, as Lord and Lady of the Estate? Amazing outdoor space could take your wedding to the next level.

More quality time

Being in the same wedding venue for the duration of your wedding gives you more time with your guests and loved ones. It means the celebrations can last a lot longer too, as everyone can stay until it’s time to leave the following day. Since you’ll be at the venue for the duration of your celebrations, you can also build in extra time to capture more happy moments on camera too. Exclusive use wedding venues also allow you to have the photographer on location all day, which means you will have the most delightful array of wedding photographs that capture the entire experience not just a few hours of the ceremony.

As you can see, there’s much more to selecting a wedding venue than simply price and location. The benefits of having exclusive use of a wedding venue are invaluable, so make sure you explore it as an option.

The extra perks of hiring an exclusive use venue


You may find that hiring an exclusive use venue may cost a fraction more than a hotel wedding or a non-exclusive hire wedding venue, but think about the benefits that we’ve just explained above. If you decide early on in your wedding planning that you’re both set on hiring an exclusive use venue, but your budget doesn’t quite stretch, consider extending your wedding date in order to save for longer, or, get married sooner and perhaps benefit from a last-minute offer. Most wedding venues will only require a deposit to secure your chosen wedding date in the first instance and the rest of the money is generally paid in instalments before the big day (depending on how soon your wedding date falls).


The location of your wedding venue, regardless of whether you choose to hire exclusively or not, is essential. Think about your family and friends in terms of travelling to your venue. And, think about them again when your wedding comes to an end and they have to travel home (if they’re not staying close by).  Plus, if you’re getting married in a local church you’ll need to consider transport and the logistics of getting your guests to and from the venue after the ceremony. Wedding venues in Surrey and the Surrey Hills are popular because Surrey is very central and people don’t have to travel too far to get there. Our award-winning wedding venue in Surrey will really impress your family and friends.


Hiring a wedding venue with accommodation on-site will be a big relief when your actual wedding day comes to an end. In the past, couples used to head straight off on their honeymoon from the venue – therefore not necessarily needing the requirement for accommodation. However, these days newlyweds like to extend their wedding celebration and head off on their honeymoon either the following week or in the future if they need more time to save up. A venue with on-site accommodation will enable you to prepare for your big day in the bridal suite beforehand and tumble into bed once you’ve bid farewell to your wedding guests. You are also able to enjoy breakfast together with your overnight guests the following morning.


How to personalise your exclusive-use venue and make it truly ‘yours’ for the day?

Hiring an exclusive-use venue comes with a myriad of benefits - you’re guaranteed privacy throughout your day, and you’re free to style it to your own taste and theme.

But how can you put your own stamp on a venue that’s ‘yours’ for a whole day? We have some inspiring ideas for you.


Exclusive Use Wedding Venue - Surrey

-Welcome signs

Personalised welcome signs to greet your guests will offer an introduction to what your friends and family can expect to see throughout the day. Use simple words such as “We’re so glad you’re here”. You can also use a full order-of-the-day-style pallet to add a fun twist and unique twist. You may even be able to place your signs along the country roads leading up to your venue to point guests in the right direction.

-Drinks on arrival

If travel is required between the ceremony and reception, it’s always nice to offer refreshments to your wedding party upon arrival. Similarly, a drink post-ceremony if it’s all under one roof. That’s not forgetting a welcome drink for evening guests as well. A pink prosecco stand could be a unique addition to traditional fizz, or consider offering a unique cocktail to get the celebrations started.


Exclusive Use Wedding Venue - Surrey

-Floral features

Does your venue offer a particularly beautiful staircase, entrance or photography hot-spot that you can decorate with impressive flowers? What about a stand-out floral arch or impressive hanging floral display?

-Cool canapés

Whether an in-house catering team provides your food on your big day, or you’re hiring in external caterers at your wedding, choose a selection of canapés to impress your guests and stave off their hunger.

-Theme throughout

Most couples opt for a block colour or colour-combination scheme when it comes to a wedding theme, but why not have a theme to your wedding that means something to you both? Some suggestions could be travel, films, musicals, bands, pets, books, landmarks, fairytales and sports teams.

-Outdoor fun

If your chosen venue offers beautiful countryside surroundings, it would be wrong not to take advantage of it. Think outdoor garden games, fun wedding photography, musical entertainment. If you want outdoor music, consider a string quartet, Irish band, harpist singers.

Wedding venues in Surrey countryside

If you are looking for wedding venues in Surrey, the Surrey Hills, West Sussex or Southdowns National Park – then Southdowns Manor’s exclusive use venue is a tranquil oasis with stunning grounds that’s just right for you. The idyllic Surrey countryside is well known for its natural beauty and will make your wedding dreams come true. Contact us today.


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